Ivory Laydown Shirts

The laydown tuxedo shirts though not worn much earlier are gaining in popularity in recent times. The shirt has a collar type typical to its name that is laydown. Although it seems like the normal everyday shirts, the studs that it takes along make it a stylish outfit. The laydown may not be as traditional as the wingtip shirt but makes a unique combination of traditional and modern wear.

The ivory laydown shirt is perfect for weddings in which the bride does not wear the traditional white gown. If your tuxedo is brown, then an ivory laydown shirt will match it perfectly. Ivorytuxedoshirt.com offers a unique collection of the ivory laydown shirt. Each of its shirts is designed by the master designer Christopher Cardi. His style and patterns are unmistakable. The fabrics used in the shirts are of superior quality. The shirt has some very delicate pleats that run down its frame. The shirt is so designed as to maximize your comfort. The fit of the shirts is also made to match your body frame. The French cuffs that the shirt takes along can have matching studs to go with the cufflinks. Whitetuxedoshirt.com also offers you a formal jewelry set that you may purchase for your cufflinks instead of the traditional gold and silver ones.

Ivorytuxedoshirt.com has the ivory laydown shirt available at competitive prices. You can choose the shirt that best matches your personality. Your shirt will enhance your entire ensemble and give your personality a further boost.